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Q: What do I need to bring?  What do I wear?

A: Yourself, a mat, if you have one (we have mats for purchase or to borrow at the studio), a bottle of water and a hand towel.  Wear clothes you can move in - we want you to be able to move, stretch and be comfortable. Yoga normally is practiced with bare feet but if you would prefer to wear socks, try to get grippy socks, as we say in Western PA the mat can get slippy.

Q:  Seriously, I have never done yoga before at your studio - what should I expect?

A:  Don't stress if this is your first time doing yoga or visiting our studio!  Everyone has been new at one point.  Know you will be in a supportive and welcoming environment.  We will help you go through class and are available after class to answer any questions.  Beginners are welcome to any class!

Q: When should I arrive for class?  

A: You should try to arrive at least 5 to 15  minutes before class.   It's a great idea to sign up online for class in case of any changes (especially in the winter months or inclement weather for outside classes). Online classes will start no more than 5 minutes before start time and a ZOOM link will be sent to your mail on file (note do not work with Zoom anymore). All online classes must be booked through our website. 

Q: How do I sign up for class?  How much is it?

A: You will create an account with our scheduling software - don't fret, we can help you you do that!  To create your account, Click here and then click the SIGN UP on the class you want to sign up for. Some classes will prompt for online payment and other classes will allow you to pay when you arrive. We always appreciate cash payment.  

Drop in $18

Five classes for $75

Ten classes for $120

Unlimited month $99

Classes are non-transferable. Private sessions and contract options available for purchase - contact the studio for details.  Prenatal/Postpartum Classes not included in above pricing.

Q: What if I have other questions?  

A: You can text Studio Z Yoga  at 724.991.8547 or e-mail at

Q:  I am having trouble seeing the schedule or booking a class - can you help?

A:  Absolutely.  Studio Z Yoga uses Mind Body scheduling software.  They have a free app if you are trying to book from your phone.  Online classes must be booked from our online website. 

If you can't book or find the schedule, e-mail us at or call/text 724-991-8547.

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