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Studio Z Yoga is a yoga studio space for everyone and every body.  One of the few non-heated yoga studios in the area, you are welcome here just as you are.  All classes are for all levels.  The idea of having fun while doing something good for your mind, body and spirit is the goal of Studio Z.   No expectations.  No judgement.  Breathe.  Laugh.  And Just Be You.  We will see you on the mat.  


No one says "I am really upset I went to yoga this morning."  This class gives you a reason to get up and get moving.  A 45 minute express vinyasa class to get you ready for anything the day throws at you.  Bring your coffee and tea - we will be up with you!


A crowd favorite.  Props and breath and renewal, oh my. We focus on what we need more of, time to nurture and take care of our bodies and self.  Combining Yin, Mediation and Mindfulness in one blissful hour.  .  Practicing restorative yoga once or twice a week can help you feel stronger and more stable in your regular practice. These classes are perfect for everyone!

Our restorative class offerings include Healing Hearts, & Hips, Hamstrings & Hearts.


Perfect for all levels.  This class engages your breath and body in a vinyasa flow that may raise the heart rate and your mood.  And at the end of class, your final relaxation will be so worth it!  


This trauma sensitive yoga class is perfect for all levels. If you have experienced or are dealing with, trauma (PTSD), loss or grief and want to be together in a safe, inclusive environment, this may be your class.  Offered monthly, this class aims at helping you move while feeling like you want to stay still.  Check the schedule and sign up in advance for this class.


Oh momma's - let's get our zen on.  This class is focused on those soon to be mommies or those new moms that recently delivered that need some extra TLC in their yoga practice.  It's sometimes hard to be away from babies, so new moms, your baby is welcomed to this class.

This class is appropriate from first to third trimester as well as postpartum mommies.  


For those who may be recovering from an injury, in need of a slow flow in their fast pace life or those 55+ may find this class absolutely awesome.  Don't let the name fool you, you will move and breath through a variety of poses that can still be challenging if you chose it to be! All levels welcomed!


Whether it's family, work, a relationship or whatever is beyond words at this time for you to deal with, join us.  Let's take an hour, reset, exhale the nonsense with a focus on breath (pranayama) and be in a space with others that are ready to let that sh*t go.


This Monday night yoga class may reset your whole view of Mondays in general.   This all levels class uses essential oils and movement to unwind your mind while allowing you to move with ease.  

Yoga Core

Let your yoga do more than flow in this core enhanced class.  

Yoga Tone

Advanced yoga class to get your body and breath working and strengthening.  Challenging core, leg and arm work make this class a popular addition to our schedule.



"Melissa brings a level of peace to an otherwise hectic and stressful life” Erika T

"Melissa introduced me to yoga and I’m addicted!  I have increased my strength, balance and flexibility.  Yoga gives me a mental clarity and body awareness that carries over to into my everyday life.” -Bobbi


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Tel: 724.991.8547

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134A South Main St, Zelienople, PA 16063

Easy, available parking.  On the street as well as free public parking at the intersection of Clay Street and W. New Castle Street.  If you park there, you will walk across Main Street to get to the Studio.   

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