Kids Yoga

March 26 & April 9

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A perfect class for your school age child!  This class allows giggles, fun and breath work all while learning and practicing yoga poses.  


Toddler & Me Yoga

March 5 & April 23

Ages two (2) to three (3) make this class ideal for caretaker and toddler.  We like to call it controlled chaos but one thing is for sure, the giggles and fun are real!  Space is limited.  


Adults, sign up on under your name and a spot will be reserved for you and your toddler.

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Healing Hearts Yoga


This is a trauma sensitive yoga class and perfect for anyone wanting to practice yoga.  


If you have experienced or are dealing with trauma, loss or grief and want to be together in a safe, inclusive environment, this may be your class. Offered monthly, this class aims at helping you move while feeling like you want to stay still.

Slow flow yoga with like minded people to bring some light and love into time for you.

This Sunday, #healingheartsyoga at 4pm.j

Yoga Hike


Weather permitting

All class regular passes accepted

Take it outside on the Harmony trail  as we walk and find space along the Connoquenessing Creek to practice yoga.  

Walk is less 1/2 mile.

Hiking in Sunset

Reiki & Flow

Second Monday of each month.  7:15PM


Allow yourself to align with energy, body and mind in this unique class.


Breathe & Flow Therapeutic Movement Workshop

February 27

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Breathe and Flow: a workshop for therapeutic movement and breath. 


We will focus on moving the body through breath and embodied movement to come into our ventral vagal state (a system of connection and flow). This workshop will be educational, therapeutic, and creative. You’ll spend time learning about our three systems (ventral vagal, sympathetic, and dorsal vagal), how each system works and why breath and movement help us reconnect to our ventral Vagal so that we can move through life in a more manageable way. We will find ourselves on the mat for some asana, pranayama, and art making. 


Some of the educational activities will be adapted from the book “Anchored” by Deb Dana; an expert on Polyvagel Theory. The book is not mandatory but a great addition to have for regulating the nervous system.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Candlelight Restorative Yoga


Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday evenings

Great for all levels of practice.


Zen Meditation

Back in the Spring - stay tuned

Join us for a donation based, not required, zen mediation class as we partner with the Zen Center of Pittsburgh.  Stay for tea and Q&A. 

Buddha Statue