Reiki and Flow

March 03, 2020

$30 per person
Join us  for a unique experience on the mat. Reiki & Flow is a chance to tune in to the energy within ourselves. Enjoy healing movements and touch with this all levels workshop featuring special guest and Reiki master Loredana Yenick of Seva Reiki. Learn about the ability of transferring energy - how it can bring peace, repair, and grounding to our mind body and spirit.  Essential oils, crystals and a student takeaway item is included in class pricing.  Space is limited due to attention applied to each student. 

Kids Yoga Ages 4+

March 07, 2020


$13 per child

Sibling discount of 2 kids for $20

Moving, laughing and yoga - yep, they all go together! This 60 minute class from 11:30-12:30pm with our instructors (who have their state clearances) is set to music and is great for school age children up to age 9. A welcoming, inclusive and fun class environment may leave your child with a case of the giggles!  

E-mail for any questions or to reserve your spot adults can purchase a kids class pass online or at the studio under their own name to reserve their child's spot!  


Ayurvedic Sessions - Kapha Balancing Workshop

March 08, 2020




Daylight Savings Time.  Long Days.  Spring Days.  Each season can bring something different to our mind, body and spirit.  Right as spring begins, we will equip you with Ayurvedic knowledge of "Kapha" season.  After this workshop,  you'll have go-to yoga poses, breath work and even foods you can eat that will seasonally balance you this year!   Light balancing food will also be served at this end of this class.  Don't have a mat, no problem, use one of ours - just make your way to the studio to put a true "spring" into your step this season.

Pre-Registration required.  All Sales Final.  

Free Community Classes!

March 01, 2020

Come practice with us and meet some new and familiar teachers at the studio!  Check the schedule for all class offerings!


This class is appropriate for all levels and ages. 

Exhale the Nonsense - Fridays at 5:30PM

February 21, 2020

Whether it's family, work, a relationship or whatever is beyond words at this time for you to deal with, join us.  Let's take an hour and just reset, exhale the nonsense and be in a space with others that are ready to let that sh*t go.

Saturday Reset and Renew

February 22, 2020

Sometimes to keep up, you need to slow down.  Join us for this yin based practice that allows poses to help target tension in joints, ligaments and fascia.  The first Saturday of each practice, our instructor donates her teaching compensation to different non-profits.  To learn more, contact the studio - call, text or email!

Prenatal Yoga

Drop in $18

Three classes for $45

Five classes for $65

Space is limited; Pre-registration strongly encouraged.

For those soon to be momma's - this class is for you!  From first to third trimester, you will move and learn how to modify yoga postures to accompany your amazing transformation.  Bring water and wear comfortable clothes.  Mats, props and relaxation is provided for you!  

March Baby and Me Yoga

March 14, 2020

$18 drop in

Oh baby, we got your yoga!!!!


Got a new addition and want to work out or just get into an activity you both can enjoy?  Does the baby need to unwind from the stress of eating, sleeping, pooping, and playing?  


This class is appropriate for caregivers and new moms that are cleared to exercise as well as for newborns to nearly walking babies.  Bring yourself, your little one and water to class.  Yoga mats and props are available for the grown ups and bring a blanket for your precious bundle.  

This class is geared to engage baby as well as provide a yoga class for you!  Space is limited to pre-registration is strongly encouraged.  

Spring Equinox Yoga

March 19, 2020


The Spring Equinox sets our calendar to allow those daytimes to get longer and may inspire you to move and rid of things holding you down. Spring cleaning for your body and spirit in this practice focusing on opening the heart, allowing room for light and setting or revisiting intentions to align with the changing seasons. Relax, renew and inspire.

All regular class passes accepted.  

Healing Hearts Yoga Class - Trauma Sensitive Yoga Class

March 25, 2020

All class regular passes.  $15 drop in rate


This is a trauma sensitive yoga class and perfect for all levels and ages 14+.


If you have experienced or are dealing with trauma, loss or grief and want to be together in a safe, inclusive environment, this may be your class. Offered monthly, this class aims at helping you move while feeling like you want to stay still.

Slow flow yoga with like minded people to bring some light and love into time for you.

Resililence - Yoga for Addiction Recovery

March 27, 2020

Svadhyaya is practice of non-judgement. Through your recovery, this practice allows you to just be. For 60 minutes focus on your breath, movement and meditation. Join us in a welcoming environment to allow you to focus on your health in mind, body and spirit. Class is free to attend.

This class is for all levels, including those brand new to yoga.

Yoga for Athletes

April 17, 2020


$13 for students


All cross fitters, runners, gym goers, junior, varsity college athletes - we have your yoga session!  Join Anna as she provides practical stretches for runners, functional yoga for lifters and lengthening exercises for those in competitive sports.  Stretching helps prevent injury and combining breath work, you get functional yoga for wherever you are in your fitness levels.  Gain strength from your stretch and overall well-being in this unique and practical yoga class for your to continue to be kick-ass!

*Pre-registration required - all sales final

Yogafit Teacher Training -Anatomy and Alignment

May 30, 2020

Yogafit is the international leader in yoga teacher training. 

Studio Z Yoga will be hosting this two day training Saturday  from 8am to 6pm and Sunday from 8am to 6pm. 


Find details and how to register by visiting!

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