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Melissa Turner, E-RYT 200, has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and is the creator of Fun and Fearless Yoga, LLC and owner of Studio Z Yoga.  Stress led her to trying her first yoga class.  She assumed it would be too slow for her and she was almost certain she “wasn’t flexible enough” to even attempt it.  How wrong she was!  


Melissa received her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher accreditation through YogaFit and has trained in specialty areas to include Pre-Natal, Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Caregivers and in the last few years has dedicated much of her teaching hours to Yoga for PTSD (Trauma Sensitive Yoga).  She received a 100-hour certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga (Yoga for Warriors) in 2014, which has transformed her practice.


She currently resides in Harmony and fell in love with the local community and decided it was time after years of going back and forth on her next steps with yoga, to open up a yoga studio.   The studio concept is based off of anyone can do yoga and feel welcomed.   Whether it’s your first yoga class ever or you have been practicing yoga for years, Studio Z Yoga has an inclusive environment that is welcoming to everyone – breath, balance and just be. 


In Melissa’s free time she loves to read, travel and spend time with her family and of course cat, Daphne Pretty Kitty.      


Melissa Turner

It seems as though most people who have incorporated yoga into their lives can tell you exactly when and where that happened. For Angie, she says that one day she realized that it had become a part of her life that she never wanted to let go of. It crept into her life slowly at first her mat makes her feel strong, grateful, focused and at peace.

Angie began teaching yoga in 2009 and then received her 200-RYT training through YogaFit in 2010. Angie’s style incorporates her personality into her classes - focused but not too serious and always accepting of where others are, in that moment.


Angie lives in Gibsonia with her 3 greatest loves: her loving husband, her sweet and active little girl, and her precious pup. When Angie is off the mat she enjoys spending time with my family, baking, reading and anything creative.



Katie is originally from Buffalo, NY.  Katie was always active and played team sports her her life, but it wasn't until her second child was born that she began to find joy in personal fitness.  She now loves to pursue individual goals in a group setting.  She runs and lifts weights but always comes back to yoga which gives her balance.  Her classes focus on self-care and being kind to your body.  You can find her leading a vinyasa flow and participating in yoga classes at the studio, including run club and book club! Katie would love for you to join her on her yoga journey.




Danyelle is a locally grown wellness coach with big dreams and the fire to match them.  She has been practicing Yoga for six years and instructing for over two of those.  She fell in love with her practice when it was able to help her cope through addictions, grief and loss.  Now she is determined to spread that type of hope and healing to everyone she meets. 


She specializes in essential oil education to further the body’s ability to heal itself and loves to incorporate that knowledge into her Yoga instruction.  She is continuing her education to become a nationally certified personal trainer and health coach, to eventually open her own wellness center. 


Join any of her classes for a different type of experience where you will leave feeling balanced inside and out!



From her first experience with yoga to now, a lot has changed in Diane’s journey! Formerly a collegiate athlete wanting nothing to do with yoga because she “wasn’t flexible enough” and “couldn’t sit that still”; to being blessed with this practice as a tool to heal a diagnosed condition. She will forever be grateful and you’ll see it in her smile. The intense connection between mind, body, breath, and spirit never ceases to amaze her. But sometimes, it just feels good to move! Now as a certified RYT200, she wishes more than anything to give this gift to all those around her, young and old. Diane hopes to inspire in surprising ways, as we ultimately take these gifts with us off the mat. Expect to move in a flow with mindful breath: continually learning to find your own sense of peace in body and mind during Diane’s classes.

While Diane isn’t enjoying the physical practice of yoga, she is likely with family and friends at the kitchen table, on a hike or run, petting her puppy, or dreaming up the next big (or small) travel destination — preferably all over music.

Diane Elms





Anna Maharg got certified to teach yoga after realizing that life is about balance. Stretching while strengthening, and enjoying pizza as well as salad. She enjoys running and lifting, even though it was those things that led her limping and hurting body to yoga. 


She continued yoga to accompany her training to complete ten marathons. At first it was just about trying very hard to touch her toes, then it evolved into something so much more.  She has a B.S. in Human Biology. She then got her RYT 200 certificate in 2016 through Salt Power Yoga and has been teaching in the community.  Anna enjoys being outdoors, horseback riding, traveling, and her four legged friends, Smudge the cat and lab-mix Keeva.     


Anna Maharg

Tiffany is RYT 200 hour and studied with the Himalayan Institute.  Tiffany has been an avid fan and practitioner of yoga for over six years and also has a certificate in Laugh-a Yoga. Balancing life (being in grad school, working, and having an internship with a fellow yogi) led her to falling in love with yoga. She recognized that it not only helped with her physical health, but her mental health as well. The feeling of being at peace and knowing that she can manage stress was the greatest gift and she hasn't stopped learning and practicing since!  

Tiffany incorporates yoga into everyday life, by using meditation, asanas, and the overall mindset that yoga brings. One of her favorite quotes is "Breathe, Believe, Receive". Tiffany's yoga philosophy brings about a sense of working through poses with intention, breathe work, and ending in a much needed relaxation. She loves being able to give the gift of yoga to others in any capacity. 

In her downtime, Tiffany likes to go see live rock-and-roll music, journaling, reading fantasy books, anything Star Wars, spend time with her loving husband, step daughter and guinea pig, and laugh at silly things. 


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